Cooperatives and non-profit organizations

Municonseil has a team of lawyers specialized in the law applicable to housing cooperatives and to housing non-profit organizations. Our vast experience with this clientele means we are also familiar with the way they operate (assemblies, membership, financial structure) and are able to serve as intermediaries with municipalities, federations, developers and the federal and provincial governments.

Our lawyers are able to advise housing coops and NPOs on all the legal issues affecting them, for example the drafting and adoption of by law, the organization of assemblies and relations with residents, as well as being able to represent them before the courts when required.

We can provide you services in several areas of law such as:

  • problems relating to new constructions and to renovations
  • relations with members (assemblies, exclusions)
  • relations with tenants (Rental Board)
  • complaints to the Human Rights Commission
  • contesting real estate assessments

Éric McDevitt David

Éric McDevitt David

Team leader

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