Our Mission

The litigation group's members process all the firm's files to be submited to judicial or administrative tribunals for adjudication, as well as all extraordinary remedies and litigation in the civil, municipal, and commercial fields.

The labor relations and workplace health and safety group members serve employers in both the public and private sectors. The firm also represents municipal executives and employees whose relationship with their employer is deteriorating.

Municonseil's team favours rigor, competence and professionalism above everything else. Therefore, our success is your success. Our client's priorities determine how each case is treated and the client is always given straight answers: the client's interest is first and foremost in our approach. The firm's interest is never placed above yours! What is your best option? We seek innovative solutions, we negotiate out of court settlements and, when no other valid option is available, we defend your rights in court. This is our credo and our guiding principle.

We value the importance of establishing relationships of trust with our clients. This type of relationship is built day by day, at each step of your file. Other than your case's success, this is one of our main objectives.

Finally, in the current municipal context, the integrity and probity of each and every member of our team are at the very core of the firm's value system. We are proud to deserve your trust!

Municonseil Team

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