Our Services

If you are faced with an issue that requires legal advice to determine what the next step is, we are here to help you in any and all fields of law that we specialize in.

Whether judicial or administrative, our team can represent you and establish your rights with rigor and competence before a tribunal.

Be it for legal advice, for representation before various courts and tribunals, for grievance arbitration or hearings before the Commission des relations du travail or the Commission des lésions professionnelles, we are there for you. We also conduct collective labor agreement negotiations, either as the employer's representative or simply as a strategic advisor.

Our refined knowledge of Municipal Law, allows us to represent, with great success, the elected officials when they face recourses against them before the judicial or administrative tribunals. The firm has represented numerous elected officials with competence and rigor in a diversified spectrum of cases. We are fully aware of the difficulties you might experience when the municipal council is your adversary. This is the reason why we are very realistic since the legal fees the municipality pays us is money from the public and we are very aware of the risks in the matter.

Complex legislation, multiple intervention tools and hard-to-manage situations: we are ready to help you with timely legal advice concerning all aspects of town planning and to undertake all necessary legal or administrative action relative to the applicable planning regulation.

Our team of lawyers works on a daily basis with numerous municipalities zoning by-laws. The expertise developed over the years allows us to provide the municipalities we represent, as well as our private clients, with practical solutions by interpreting accurately every aspect addressed within the by-laws, regardless of their level of complexity.

Expropriation proceeddings are usually an exercise in negotiation. However, if one party refuses to compromise, quality evidence and serious arguments may lead to a successful experience. Let us guide you in this regard.

Wether to defend assessment roll values and listings or to simply challenge them, we are there for you, ready to protect you from any economic prejudice.

The firm, in collaboration with the Association of municipal managers of Quebec, accepts mandates of representation from town managers who are experiencing difficulties with their municipal council either for health, political or other reasons. We acted with success for a large number of town managers in case involving them against their municipality. Be confident and give us the mandate to represent you.

The Commission municipale du Québec has received a complaint against you invoking the municipal by-law concerning Ethics and good conduct of your municipality and you wish to be represented by a lawyer of our firm who knows very well this topic in order not to commit any mistakes. We are here for you. You need instead a legal opinion, we can help you with that.

When you receive an information access request that may have adverse consequences for the municipal administration you need our opinion on the document's accessibility. We are also present to help when you need to obtain a document or to oppose a document's transmission.

The drafting of documents in relation with a call for tenders is often a real maze where you can get lost very easily since there is a multitude of legal dispositions that are applicable to this domain. Most of the time, you will start the drafting of the documents by using another document that is not suitable for the work at task. Municonseil has all the expertise necessary to help you in the drafting of documents in relation with your calls for tenders at a very reasonable cost. Our intervention will allow you to alleviate common mistakes in the management of a call for tenders and, you will have all the necessary tools in order to resolve numerous complications that may arise.

Whether you need assistance with a presentation to a government department or with a private bill, we have all the expertise and the required experience to help you out.

The world of construction is a field where many claims and recourses are instituted. Whatever the type of project, public or private, our lawyers have an acute knowledge of the content of enterprise contracts and know how to identify the traps to avoid. Negotiate, plead and victory are three frequent words that are used within this team of our office.

Are you experiencing a problem affecting many people? Sometimes it is necessary to join forces with others to get justice. It is often takes the weight of a group to change things. Whether the problem involve the rights of consumers, the environment or any other situation where the rights of several are not being respected, we are there for you.

We are one of the few law firms specialized in the law related to housing cooperatives and housing non-profit organizations. We understand how they operate, their financial structure and their specificities and are able to fulfill their legal needs.

Our lawyers have gained a lot of experience in arbitration and mediation and have the skills and the and the knowledge required to represent you well.

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