Our Services

If you are faced with an issue that requires legal advice to determine what the next step is, we are here to help you in any and all fields of law that we specialize in.
Whether judicial or administrative, our team can represent you and establish your rights with rigor and competence before a tribunal.
Be it for legal advice, for representation before various courts and tribunals, for grievance arbitration or hearings before the Commission des relations du travail or the Commission des lésions professionnelles, we are there for you. We also conduct collective labor agreement negotiations, either as the employer's representative or simply as a strategic advisor.
Complex legislation, multiple intervention tools and hard-to-manage situations: we are ready to help you with timely legal advice concerning all aspects of town planning and to undertake all necessary legal or administrative action relative to the applicable planning regulation.
You have received or produced a tender. You have set-up a selection committee and you would like to know the applicable legal rules. You question a tender's conformity or you believe that a certain contract was not awarded in accordance with the law. When you face this type of question, our extensive knowledge of the municipal tender system can make all the difference.
Wether to defend assessment roll values and listings or to simply challenge them, we are there for you, ready to protect you from any economic prejudice.
Expropriation proceeddings are usually an exercise in negotiation. However, if one party refuses to compromise, quality evidence and serious arguments may lead to a successful experience. Let us guide you in this regard.
When you receive an information access request that may have adverse consequences for the municipal administration you need our opinion on the document's accessibility. We are also present to help when you need to obtain a document or to oppose a document's transmission.
Whether you need assistance with a presentation to a government department or with a private bill, we have all the expertise and the required experience to help you out.
The world of construction is a field where many claims and recourses are instituted. Whatever the type of project, public or private, our lawyers have an acute knowledge of the content of enterprise contracts and know how to identify the traps to avoid. Negotiate, plead and victory are three frequent words that are used within this team of our office.
Whether you are a school board, a teaching establishment or a university, we are able to provide you with all of the legal services you may need. Whether it’s the preparation of legal opinions or representations before various levels of the court or administrative boards, we have what it takes to properly represent you.

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