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Construction and
real estate law

The world of construction and real estate law is our fields where many claims and recourses are instituted. 

Whatever the type of project, public or private, our lawyers have an acute knowledge of the content of enterprise contracts and know how to identify the traps to avoid. Negotiate, plead and victory are three frequent words that are used within this team of our office.


What are the objective you pursue?

Let us inform you how to reach them. If we have to litigate, we will be there for you. Real state and the peculiar rules of law applicable to this field are often closely related to principles governing construction and municipal law.

We offer you a wide range of expertise and we are able to provide you with excellent advice in your real state transactions.


Pierre-Jude Thermidor

Team leader


514 954 0440 I poste 104

Contact us so that we can better guide you in your choices and meet your needs

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