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Municipal taxation and expropriation

Our first hand expertise in municipal law has for consequence that we represent clients in municipal taxation and expropriation cases.

Whether if we deal with contestations of municipal assessment, judicial review of payment of cession for the establishment of parks, payments as a replacement amount for the municipal taxes, we offer a first quality service aimed at the client’s success.

Here are the services we provide:

- Contestations of municipal assessment

Payments to replace municipal taxes

Payments as cession for park establishment

Mutation rights

Collection of municipal taxes

Municipal grants

Expropriation is also in our sphere of expertise. We provide services to the expropriating or expropriated party. Our skills as excellent negotiators provide good opportunities to conclude agreements that are advantageous for our clients and when settlement out of court is possible, we represent you before the Tribunal administratif du Québec with competence and efficiency.

- Settlements out of court

Negotiations of global indemnities

Contestation of the right to expropriate

Reserves for public purposes

Disguised expropriations


Mario Paul-Hus

Team leader


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